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What is Working Advantage?

Working Advantage is part of the nation's leading entertainment benefits and perks provider, reaching over 50 million employees at over 40,000 corporations across the US.

How Does It Work?

Working Advantage delivers exclusive entertainment options to corporations through a company sanctioned program. We support live events, attractions and hotels with marketing outreach to the employees at work. The program reaches a network of companies ranging from mid-size employers to fortune 500 corporations across the country.

Why Work With Working Advantage?

Limit public discounting through a closed loop (password protected) marketing program. Working Advantage can complement any sales strategy to deliver incremental ROI.

Want To Learn More?

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How It Works

  1. 1


    Determine an offer and allocate the valid price levels. We can support multiple price categories for attractions, events, tours, and other products or serivces.

  2. 2

    Creative Assets

    Provide marketing assets and messaging to best showcase your product.

  3. 3


    Receive regular reporting to monitor sales and manage inventory.

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    Live & Selling In
    Less Than A Week

    We handle the transaction and provide a seamless fulfillment process designed to meet your needs.

We Take Fun Seriously

  • NO additional work required! Working Advantage manages the allotment or inventory, communication with the venue box office, and delivers automated reports.
  • Target specific ticket types, price categories, performances and/or promotional periods to drive sales initiatives as needed, while limiting public discounting.
  • Gain exposure locally and nationally to a membership base of avid entertainment buyers.
  • Receive dedicated marketing and outbound sales support including e-mails, client outreach and website inclusion.